You think you've seen explosions?

Kobo Redux 0.7.5 is finally out!

Over 100 fixes and improvements since 0.7.4, the most drastic one probably being the new real time explosion engine, which replace the crude pixel art explosions with a level wide particles + "fire filter" engine. This brings life to the explosions, and allows them to blend and interact in a way that works much better with the massive chain reactions as bases are destroyed.

Due to the decision to rewrite the game logic core of the engine for the 0.8.x branch, in preparation for the Steam launch, this release focuses mainly on presentation, effects, and critical bug fixes. Content and game logic has been left mostly untouched.

The 0.8.0 release will include a reinterpretation of Region 1 (ten levels) from the original game, 0.8.x releases will be fixes and updates, 0.9.x will cover Region 2, and so on. It is likely that new game modes and similar features will be added along the way.

  • Particle based pixel art style explosion/fire/smoke engine
  • Bigger playfield view
  • New and updated sound effects
  • Weapon status icons on the dashboard
  • Updated health/shield and weapon charge bar design
  • Configurable keyboard controls
  • Added third fire button; no quirky context sensitive fire control
  • Improved Hard and Insane skill levels; faster, with no grinding
  • Proper mouse support in the menus
  • Improved replay progress bar
  • Added demos, which are played behind the title screen rotation
  • Fixed various user interface glitches and issues
  • Fixed game logic issues that sometimes broke replays
  • Fixed some crashes and math errors in odd corner cases
  • Improved error handling when failing to load themes
  • Fixed various logging issues, and removed audio engine log noise

Files 2 MB
Dec 10, 2017
koboredux-0.7.5-Linux.tar.bz2 1 MB
Dec 11, 2017
koboredux-0.7.5-Linux.deb 1 MB
Dec 11, 2017
koboredux-0.7.5-Linux.rpm 1 MB
Dec 11, 2017

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