My main motivation for participating in this OST Jam was to get started with Godot, which I had absolutely zero experience with beforehand. Managed to come up with a rudimentary platformer skeleton, and figuring out various quirks and issues around "pixel perfect" cameras and whatnot.

Design, scripting: David Olofson
Music: Level 99 - Cat Planet
Player sprites: SeethingSwarm
Tiles, items: Will Tice
Font, buttons: David Olofson
Explosion SFX: David Olofson
Cat scream: InspectorJ

Engine and tools:
Godot, BitmapFontCutterPlus, Pixel FX DesignerAseprite, GIMP, Affinity Photo, Cubase, Audacity, Phase Plant


Download 15 MB
Download 17 MB
Bombercat-0.0.1-Linux64.tar.bz2 16 MB

Development log